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   Most cheeses and cured meats can also be sold by half pound.

Gentile Pasta Gragnano Calamaretti Ring
Pasta Calamaretti Gentile 500gr Organic  $ 5.25
Gentile Pasta Gragnano Candele corte.jpg
Pasta Candele Gentile 500gr   $5.25
Pasta Caserecce Gentile 500gr   $5.25
Caserecce Pasta Gentille  500gr.jpg
Pasta Bucatini Gragnano  500gr    $4.70
Bucatini pasta Gragnano 500gr.jpg
Papiri Pasta Gentile  500gr.png
Pasta Papiri Gentile
500gr  $  5.25
Pasta Vesuvio Gentile 500gr   $  5.59 
Pasta Linguine Gragnano 500gr    S4.70
Linguine Pasta Gragnano 500gr.jpg
Mezzi Rigatoni Pastai Gragnano
Pasta Mezzi Rigatoni Gragnano 500 gr $ 4.70
Paccheri Pasta Gragnano  500gr.jpg
Pasta Paccheri  Gragnano 500gr   $4.70
Penne Rigate Gragnano 500gr.jpg
Penne Rigate Gragnano 500gr  $ 4.70
Spaghetti alla chitarra Gragnano 500gr..
Spaghetti alla Chitarra Gragnano 500gr   4.70
Spaghetti con curva  Gragnano 500gr.jpg
Spaghetti con Curva Gragnano 500gr  $4.70
Bucatini Rummo 450gr.jpg
Bucatini Rummo 1lb   $3.99
 Linguine Rummo 1lb  $3.99
linguine Rummo 450gr.jpg
Pasta Mezzi Rigatoni Rummo  1 lb     $3.99
Mezzi Rigatoni Rummo 450gr.jpg
Penne Rummo 500gr..jpg
Pasta Penne Rummo  500 gr    $ 3.99
Spaghetti Rummo 1lb
$ 3.99
Pasta Cappellini Spigadoro  1lb  $ 2.99
Pasta Linguine Spigadoro 1 lb   $ 2.99
Pasta Penne Spigadoro 1lb        $ 2.99
Rigatoni Spigadoro    $ 2.99
Spaghetti Pasta Spigadoro 1lb    $ 2.99
Penne Gluten Free Spigadoro 12 Oz   $ 3.99
 Mezzi Rigatoni GF Rummo 400g  $ 3.99
Pasta Penne GF Rummo 340gr   $ 3.99
Spaghetti Rummo GF
400gr    $ 3.99
Strozzapreti Pasta Campo Filone 250gr   $ 4.90
Fettuccine Campo Filone 250gr  $ 7.99
Spaghetti Rummo  1 lb.jpg
Cappellini Spigadoro  1lb.jpg
Linguine Spigadoro  1lb.jpg
Penne Spigadoro  1lb.jpg
Rigatoni Spigadoro  1lb.jpg
Penne Gluten Free Spigadoro  12Oz..jpg
Mezzi Rigatoni Rummo GF  400gr.jpg
Penne Gluten Free Rummo 340gr.jpg
spaghetti-rummo GF.jpg
Strozzapreti Pasta Campo Filone
Fettuccine Pasta Campo Filone 250gr..jpg
temporarily N.A.
Fettuccine Rummo 250 gr.jpg
Egg Fettuccine Rummo 250gr   $ 3.99
Pappardelle Rummo 250 gr.jpg
Egg Pappardelle Rummo 250gr   $ 3.99
Piennolo Gentile Tomato sauce.jpg
Mahjoub spice tomato capers sauce Organi
Tomato Piennolo DOP
Vesuvio 1 kg  $ 14.99
Tibar Sauce for Couscous
& Pasta (organic)
680gr.  $ 7.99
Triplo Tomato Paste Mutti.jpg
Triplo Tomato Paste Mutti  185gr  $2.99
Sopressata Calabrese Domestic   S13.90  lb
Passata Mutti.jpg
Passata Tomato Mutti
3kg     $ 8.80
Polpa Tomato Mutti
5kg     $ 18.6
Mutti pomodoro Polpa from Italy   5kilo.
Prosciutto Crudo Pio
Tosini DOP  $ 18.88  lb
Salame Romagnolo 
Golfera   (500gr -8.8 lb each)
$ 15.04  lb.
Salame Toscano with Fennel   around 1-2 lb
$13.12 lb
Golfera Salame Romagnolo.jpg
Carnaroli Rice Scotti
From Italy 2.2 lb.  $6.99
Salame toscano Fior fiore 1.png
Carnaroli Rice Scotti 2.2 lb.jpg
temporarily N.A.
speck 1.jpg
Speck Alto Adige IGP
$11.52 lb
Rosetta Salame Spicy.jpg
Rosetta Salame Spicy around 10 Oz.   $ 10.99
temporarily N.A.
Mortadella con Pistacchi.jpg
Mortadella con Pistacchio   $8.96lb
Guanciale - pork jowl or cheeks $ 12.64 lb
Pitted Taggiasca Olives in Oil.jpg
Taggiasche Olive il oil from Liguria Italy 950gr  $ 26.00
guanciale1 (1).png
Carnaroli rice Melotti for Risotto.jpg
Carnaroli rice for Risotto
1 kg. 2.2lb   $ 6.99
Aquerello rice for Risotto
2.5 kg.   $ 29.00
Riso al tartufo.jpg
Rice for Truffle Risotto
480gr  $12.90
Truffle Sea Salt from Umbria.jpg
Truffle sea salt  $ 6.60
Polenta Bramata
Molino Riva
1kg.  $7.90
Amaretti Bonomi.png
Amaretti cookies Bonomi 200gr $ 3.99
Panettone Bonifanti Classico 500gr.jpg
Panettone Artigianale 
Bonifanti  750gr $ 22.50
Truffle Honey from Umbria.jpg
AcaciaTruffle Honey salt
$ 8.90
Pistachio Cream from Sicily.webp
Pistachio Spread From Sicily  190 gr  $12.99
New Item
Sea Salt from Trapani Sicily   2.2
Sea Salt from Trapani Sicily   750 gr..j
Sea Salt “Fine” Trapani
Sicily 750 gr.  $3.60
Paccheri Gentile Gragnano Pasta 500gr.png
New Item
Black Kale Sundried tomato Pesto 4.58 Oz.jpg
Sea Salt “Medium” Trapani
Sicily 2.2  $3.50
Paccheri Gragnano Gentile 500gr $5.25
Black Kale Dried tomato
Pesto Pasta sauce
Organic 4.58 Oz  $ 4.99 
New Item
Biscotti Gentilini
500gr  $ 13.90
Biscotti Gentilini 500gr.jpg
temporarily N.A.
Biscotti Novellini 1kg..jpg
Biscotti Novellini
500 gr.   $4.99
Osvego Biscotti 1kg..jpg
Biscotti Osvego
500gr   $4.99
Pandoro Bindi 1 kg.jpg
Pandoro Cake
From Italy 1 Kilo $ 21.90
Special Items 
white Truffles 010 (600 x 450)-3.jpg

White truffle
Season Oct/Dec.

Fresh Black Truffle 12-31-2018.jpg
Black Autumn Truffle.png
summer truffle 1.png

Black Winter truffle
Season Dec/March.

Autumn truffle
Season Oct/Dec.

Summer  truffle
Season May/Sept.

For more info about my fresh truffle go to My chefs say  it is the best educational website about  fresh truffles
Tradition Prestige Caviar Calvisius.jpg

Calvisius Caviar Prestige 

White Sturgeon

Oscietra Cavia Calvisius Imperial.jpg

Calvisus Caviar Oscietra


For fresh Truffles and Caviar prices, contact us Via phone 919-4122176 or  Email:

With all our items we can make, at your taste, outstanding Gift Baskets. We also prepare Gourmet Boxes with our Cheeses, Charcuterie, fresh Truffles and Caviar.
Let's us know in advance!

Small size Basket.jpg

Small size Basket 
10-12 items
Around $ 149 

Medium size basket.jpg

Medium size Basket 
14-16  items
Around $ 199

large size basket.jpg

Large size Basket 
18-20 items
Around $ 259 .

The prices of the baskets didn't include shipment cost. Ground Shipment Prices are around:

In State shipment $ 14.00 - East-Coast  16-18 dollars – Central  20-24 dollars- West Coast  30-34. 

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