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Most cheeses and cured meats can also be sold by half pound.

It is available!

Villella DOP EVOO 750 ml..jpg
Villella DOP  750 ml
$ 22.90 per Bottle
Villella DOP EVOO 750 ml..jpg

It is available!

Villella DOP  500 ml
$ 18.90 per Bottle
New Item
Agromonte Organic Cherry Tomato Sauce with Basil 330gr.png
Cherry Tomato sauce Organic 33ogr   $5.99
Baby Artichokes from Liguria Italy.jpg
Baby Artichokes in Oil  Italy 10.2 Oz  $ 10.99
Pepper Pesto from Liguria Italy.jpg
Bomba Calabrese, Hot Chili and Vegetable
New Item
Red Pepper pesto
Italy   90gr  $4.99
Cherry Tomato Spicy Sauce From Sicily 580 gr. $9.90 
Bomba Calabrese spread   9.87Oz   $6.90
Hot Chili Peperoncino
in Olive 920 gr. $ 27.99
Arrabbiata Pasta Sauce of Cherry Tomato and Hot Pepper.png
Boquerones White Anchovies.png
White Anchovies 700gr   Boquerones $39.99
anchovies delfino.png
temporarily N.A.
Taggiasche Olive in Brine. Frantoio Oneg
Sundried-Tomato-spread Organic.jpg
Anchovies Delfino In Oil from Cetara  14.96 OZ
Taggiasca Olives in Brine
Liguria  10.58 Oz   $5.40
Sun-Dried spice tomatoe Spread (Organic)  185gr
New Item
vecchio balsamico Cattani.jpg
Balsamic Vinegar Tradizionale DOP 12 years  100ml   $72
Balsamico Stravecchio 25 year Tradizionale DOP  
$ 110.00
Vincotto Saba Cooked
Grape Must 250 ml
Vincotto Saba Cooked Grape Must 250gr..jpeg
Olive wood Balsamic
8 years aged 250ml
New Item
Rubio Balsamico Modena 12 Years IGP.jpg
Rubio Balsamic Vinager  12 years Aged  250ml
Balsamic white "Cattani"
250 ml     $ 14.90 
White Balsamico Cattani.jpg
New Item
Balsamic Jelly from Cattani.jpg
Balsamic Jelly 
125 ml     $ 16.90 
Balsamic Glaze from Modena.jpg Ponti.jpg
Balsamic Glaze From Modena 250 ml   $ 5.99
Fontina Cheese Valle
D'Aosta DOP   $14.99
Fiore Sardo Cheese DOP
formaggio di  capra.jpg
Formaggio di Capra- goat cheese   1/lb   $10.88
temporarily N.A.
Caciocavallo Cheese
$ 11.04      lb
temporarily N.A.
Truffle Pecorino 1.png
Truffle Pecorino Siena  (one piece1lb)  $ 16.oo lb
Taleggio DOP.jpg
Taleggio Cheese DOP   $9.92   lb
Gorgonzola Dolce.jpg
Gorgonzola Dolce  DOP 1/lb  -  $11.04 
Pecorino Toscano DOP 1.png
Pecorino Toscano DOP
$  14.08  lb
Grana p.jpg
Grana Padano DOP
1/lb  - $9.76
Parmigiano Reggiano DOP.jpg
Parmigiano Reggiano DOP   $14.88 lb
Pecorino Toscano DOP 2 (1).png
Pecorino Romano  DOP   $9.92 lb
Mozzarella Bufala  DOP  8.8oz   $7.90 
Mozzarella Bufala Il Parco DOP.jpg
temporarily N.A.
Stracchino 200gr.jpg
Stracchino cheese Fresco from Italy  200r  $ 5.99
Robiola Nonno Nanni.jpg
Robiola cheese Fresh 
 $ 3.99
Burratine ovoline (1).png
Burratine from Puglia$7.60  200gr
Bufaline Bocconcini Mozzarella.jpeg
temporarily N.A.
Bocconcini Bufala Mozzarella 160 gr.  $ 7.99
Figs Preserve imported.jpg
New Item
 Figs Preserve Adriatic Coast   $4.89
Honey Raw from Origano Flower. (Sicily)  250gr
Miele ai fiori di origano.jpg
Taralli with Fennel from Puglia 10.58 Oz  $ 4.49
Taralli Pugliesi.jpg
Taralli with red chili from Puglia 10.58 Oz  $ 4.20
Fennel Taralli Pugliesi.jpg
temporarily N.A.
temporarily N.A.
Capperi di Pantelleria  500gr.jpg
Grissini PaneAlba   Breadsticks $3.99
Origano Organic from Sicily  25gr  $ 4.60
Origano of Sicily Organic.jpg
 Large Capers of
Pantelleria  with sea Salt
1kg  $19.00
Tomato Basil Sauce 6.3 Oz..jpg
Pasta Tomato Sauce
From Liguria Italy 6.3 Oz  $6.99
New Item
Grissini Panealba Piemonte.jpg
New Item
Farro - Spelt- jpg.jpg
temporarily N.A.
Dried Spelt 
$ 6.49  lb
Cannellini Beans.jpg
Dried Cannellini
Beans  $ 5.44  Lb
Borlotti beans.jpg
Dried Borlotti Beans  $ 5.44  Lb
Tuna in Oil Callipo Italy.jpg
Ceci Beans.jpg
Dried Ceci Beans  $ 5.44  Lb
Bruschetta with garlic from Italy.jpg
Bruschetta Garlic
 $ 4.99   150gr
Tuna in Oil Callipo 2.8 Oz
Linticchie - baby lentil -.jpg
Dried Lentils
Beans  $ 5.44  Lb
Bottarga di Sardegna
5.3 OZ  $ 28.00
Lemon Marmalade from Liguria Italy.jpg
Lemon Marmalade
Italy  $ 5.80  200gr
Basil Pesto Liguria Italy.jpg
Basil Pesto
Italy  $ 4.89  90gr
Black Kale Pesto from Liguria Italy.jpg
Black Kale Pesto
Italy  $ 4.99  130gr
Artichoke Spread Organic from Italy.jpg
Artichoke Spread Organic
Italy  $ 4.99  130gr
Torrone Soft Hazelnut Sorelle Nurzia.jpg
Torrone Soft Hazelnuts Classico
Italy  $ 9.90  150gr
Hazelnut Pralines Covered with Dark Chocolate 150 gr.png
New Item
Hazelnuts  Chocolate Praline 
Italy  $ 6.60  150gr
Amarena Cherry covered with Chocolate 150 gr.png
New Item
Amarene Cherries Covereds with Chocolate
Italy  $ 6.90  150gr
Farro from Italy
 500gr $8.69
Orzo-perlato- 500gr  1kg.jpg
Farina Caputo Gluten Free.jpg
Provolone Piccante Auricchio.jpg
Pearl Barley from Italy 
   500gr    $7.45
Provolone Cheese
Auricchio  Italy 
$ 11.99  lb.
Gluten Free Flour
Caputo Italy 
$ 11.99  2.2oz
New Item
Anchovies in oil
From Sicily
Italy  $ 13.90  8.1 Oz
Anchovie in oil from Sicily 8.01 Oz.jpg
Amaretti Cookies
Original Lazzaroni
$ 16.99    1 lb.
Soft Pecorino of Pienza Tuscany.jpg
Pecorino Fresco
New Item
Soft Pecorino Cheese
From Pienza, Tuscany
$ 13.99    1 lb.
Cantucci alle Mandorle (Almond Biscotti)
Cantucci Almond Cookies from Tuscany
250gr.   $6.90
Cantucci Chocolate and Orange.jpg
Cantucci with Chocolate Cookies from Florance
250gr.   $8.90
Truffle Polenta from Italy.jpg
New Item
Truffle Polenta Flour
From Italy  8.Oz   $10.99
Taggiasche Olive in Oil 9.17 gr. Frantoi
Taggiasca Olives in Oil
Liguria  9.17 Oz   $7.90
New Item
Bolognese Meat Sauce 800gr.png
Bolognese Meat Sauce
Made in Bologna for 8-10 people. 800 gr.  $19.90
fettuccine-con-tartufo-bianco (1).jpg
white Truffle Fettuccine
From Italy  8.8Oz   $12.60
Cacio e Pepe Pasta Sauce   800gr.png
New Item
Cacio e Pepe Pasta Sauce
Cheese and Black Pepper sauce for 8-10 people. 800 gr.  $28.80

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