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Living around the Nature and in the Art  is  the quintessence of my quotidian existence. I started my cooking career as a boy of 13 years old. I always thought that cooking was a profession unlike any other. I felt that cooking was a vehicle to express my ideas, and a moment to convey my innermost feelings. After very long hours per day the mental and physical tiredness is felt, but it all vanishes when we catch a glimpse of a smile, an emotion of joy from the face of our patrons. This is the moment when we are able to engage our patron’s senses: the taste, the aromas, the flavors, the visual art of the plate, the colors. All this is followed by a good wine and the fellowship of friends. All this gives me immense joy! From the beginning of my career, I have known that my creations could offer a happy moment to people and it gave me a big great satisfaction and made me proud to continue to love this hard "work". I have scarified many other important things in life!

20 years ago I  created a new company wich give me more free time to regain what I left behind!!!!!

“Vivere nell’arte è la quintessenza del mio esistere”
                                                             Gennaro Villella


Chef Villella’s work is based on his food concept in which ingredients are treated with ‘respect’. By this, Chef Villella believes that each ingredient lends itself to certain methods of preparation, cooking and combination with other ingredients. His creations begin with a particular ingredient, and the methods of preparation revolve around that key ingredient, staying within the framework of simplicity. Thus, the final result is dictated not only by the ingredient used, but the particular way in which it is used and other ingredients with which it is combined. This end result is what the customer ultimately sees and tastes. This ‘Essentially Simple’ food concept can be described by the following words: pure, unique, flavorful, integrity, and passion combined with the necessary knowledge to put the concept into practice.

The basis of his cooking always begins with the freshest and highest quality ingredients. Everything ingredient is fresh and everything is prepared to order. Ingredients are obtained from worldwide destinations, with particular attention to small farms producing the best natural, organic products. All preparation is done in the kitchen, for example, day-boat fish is smoked in-house, and ingredients are seasonal. Chef Villella’s cuisine is also very healthy – no cream is used, butter is minimal. – And his concept is constantly updated to take advantage of new cooking methods. In conjunction, Chef Villella often has redesigned the kitchens to accommodate new methods and techniques.


Living in art is the quintessence of my existence
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