Hello Friends and food lovers!


This is Gennaro,  owner of Simply Flavors Warehouse.

First of all English is my second language and I hope my writing is comprehensible with not many errors.

Since March 2020, when (Covid - 19) started here in the USA, we have given the opportunity, even private and local, to access our list of products. Before the pandemic  our products were only accessible for wholesale customers.
Thank you for your patronage and support, especially in this hard time.
We are receiving many orders and it looks like everybody is Happy! Let's continue to keep social distance and be cautious. Don't' forget to cook good meals for you and your families!


We like to deliver our food products to you at your home. 

As many orders are placed from Durham, Chapel Hill and surrounding areas I intend to offer FREE SHIPPING  for an order not lower than $50.00.

 Please check our updated product's list. New products just arrived.


Check the updated lists.  PRODUCTS LIST n. 1 - PRODUCT LIST n. 2

If you cannot open the pages just go on top and right of this page and click  MORE and it will open the Products list 1 and 2.  Take your time and check all the Items.

To place an order just send me an email to this address:   Email@simplyflavors.com

We will send you via email the order confirmation and the delivery schedule. A day or two before we will deliver or send the products  you will receive an invoice from us. You can pay it with your credit card, just following the directions.

Ground Shipping Costs:

FREE SHIPPING in the Triangle NC is available for an order not lower then $50.00.  Instead if you like to order less than 50 dollars you have  2 options:

  1. We can ship to you for next day with a little shipping cost of 7 dollars Or,

  2. We can prepare your order and we offer curbside pick up. Let me know what you like to do.
    our address is 4608 Industry lane, Suite M  Durham, NC 27713, 


  • 10 dollars shipping cost for other parts of NC . We use FedEx ground. If the box is over 45 pounds there will be a few dollars more.

  • 16 dollars shipping cost for any East Coast States, 1 or 2 days delivery If the box is over 45 pounds there will be a few dollars more.

  • 22 dollars for Central States. 2 or 3 days delivery. If the box is over 45 pounds there will be a few dollars more.

  • 28 dollars for the West coast States . 3 or 4 days delivery. If the box is over 45 pounds there will be a few dollars more.







See above my Tomato sauces selection:

Amatriciana, Arrabbiata and the Basil tomato sauce! They are  prepared  for my home use. They are made and sterilized with Art and Passion. We don't sell these sauces. We give it as a gift when you spend 40 dollars for the products in our list. When you spend 80 dollars  will give you  2 jars, etc.  Each jar has 13.5 oz of sauce. If you are interested in our cheeses, some of them come whole pieces and some  are a section of the whole cheese. The sections vary from 1 pound to  2 pounds.


Check this link "Recipes of the Day"   It is always updated with new recipes!

I like to invite you to check some pictures of our Food & wines tours we have done in Italy in the past!


Ciao Amici!!!  Remember the use of  Masks and social distancing are important!

Check also my Villella DOP Extra virgin olive oil website www.villella-olio.com 

It is a Mother Nature Nectar.  I am so proud of this product!





Thank you

Gennaro Villella

Passion for a Tasty Life!

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